We’ve Moved – Construction Phase 1

Issue #69
Blog #9-2018
Section: Store Growth
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Blog 4

JT’s Place is at it once again. That’s right – we moving, no need to fret, we will still be located inside Robinsons Flea Market.

JT’s Place traded in the two booths across from each other, toward the rear of the right hand side, to one double booth, up front. We are still located on the right side aisle but now occupy the second booth on the left.

As with any move comes construction to modify the new space to meet the needs of the new tenant. This move was no exception. The modifications along with the move had to be completed by May 1, 2018 so JT’s Place decided to do the modifications in two phases.

During Phase 1 JT’s Place used their full crew Joe and son along with the queen. The staff at Robinsons Flea market, Joe and Chris also played a big part in making sure the transition came together with as few issues as possible.

Phase 1:
  • Merchandise:
    • The new space contained a Piano and display case that had been sold but not picked up by the purchaser.
    • Move JT’s Place’s merchandise and display’s to new double booth.
  • Construction:
    • Run electrical power to booth
    • Remove shelving from single booths
    • Remove lattice and side half-wall (1 x 4 material) allowing use of available 9′ – 6″ (2 X 4 material) side wall.
    • Add 2 X 4’s to existing side wall to get proper spacing for pegboard
    • Purchase and hang pegboard
    • Secure back 10′ wall to floor, secure pegboard to wall and tie into existing side wall.

Date 4-29-2018:

  • Removed all shelving from single booths
  • Moved all merchandise and displays to new double booth
  • Removed side half-wall with lattice
  • Attached back 10′ section of wall to floor

Date 4-30-2018:

  • Trip to Home Depot for materials. (pegboard, fasteners and tempered hard board)
  • Tied back 10′ wall into side wall.
  • Secured existing pegboard to back 10′ wall
  • Cut and installed 2 X 4″s in side wall
  • Hung new pegboard on side wall
  • Hung tempered hard board to side wall
  • Moved piano and display case

Date 5-1-2018

  • Power installed to booth.
  • Trimmed out sidewall with 1 X 4
  • Installed shelving
  • Cleaned up booth and organized merchandise.

The results of everyone’s hard work can be seen in the slide show below. Phase two will start in the near future making our new home complete.

Thanks To Chris at Robinsons Flea Market as he handled most of the moving and  securing the back wall to floor.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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