A Little Crowded

Issue #66
Blog #6-2018
Section: Store Growth
Blogger: Joseph Clay


Overcrowded 1

With success comes growing pains. Our biggest pain was space, not enough of it. In a 10′ by 10″ space we had two display cases. One was a 6′ X 2′ deep the other a 4′ X 2′ deep. Both were packed full of products.

Aside from the display cases the walls and shelves were holding about all they could. Even Sally was feeling a little claustrophobic as she guarded the entrance.


Another issue we were having was there was only one way in and out of the booth. Some customers were walking on passed if there was more than two people shopping as the entrance was narrow also.

We tried everything to open up more space while keeping the inventory we had. We had made rent plus every month with what we were selling.

We didn’t want to scale back.

Toward the end of January an opportunity arose that we couldn’t pass up as it was the solution to our over crowding problem.


A 9′ X 10″ booth opened up across the aisle from our booth. When asked if we wanted it there was no hesitation in saying yes as I rolled the 4′ display case across the aisle and centered it into the opening. Over the next several days we loaded the 4′ case with  Sterling Silver Jewelry, and began moving other items across the way.

We will be ready when the calendar flips to February 1, 2018. At that time  JT’s Place Booth J-69 will consist of two well stocked and neatly organized spaces for our customers to shop.

Come on down, more space means more merchandise with the same great deals.

JT’s Place


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