Phase 1 – Securing the Location

Issue #64
Blog #4-2018
Section: Store Growth
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Elvis (2)

Lets take a trip back in time to September 2016 and Elvis was in the building!

I’m a Harley Rider and was out in the drive one day polishing the baby up. My next door neighbor came up to the fence and we struck up a conversation. He had just returned from the local inside flea market and told me about a set of leather motorcycle saddle bags.

We finished up our chat, I completed my polishing and headed up the road to see if the bags would fit.

To my dismay the bags would not work on my bike with out modifications. Wes, the individual who was selling the bags and I started up a conversation. I explained that I had retired and was now an author. He informed me that along with selling merchandise at the flea market he was also an entertainer and an Elvis impersonator.

The wheels began to turn in my head as the light came on. My second book was being released in October and I was having a Halloween themed book release party at one of the local book stores. An Elvis impersonator could only help bring the people in the door.

The Gang C
The Book Signing Team

The book signing was a success due to the team and Elvis was a huge hit.

Wes and I had become friends over the last month while discussing the book signing and his endeavors. I told him that I use to sell at flea markets back in my younger days but now sold mostly on-line. He suggested that if I wanted to get back into a physical location I should get my name on the waiting list at the one he sold his merchandise from.

I thought about it and decided I would go up and walk through the place and talk to the fine folks at Robinsons Flea Market. I liked what I saw and heard so had my name added to the waiting list in November of 2016.

Fast forward to November of 2017.  I had forgotten all about  being on the waiting list as I had gotten busy with other adventures.

The middle of November I got a call from Robinsons informing me they had a space coming open the first of December, just in time for Christmas. I headed on up and looked at the space and discussed the details of rent and other business related issues. Once all the details were ironed out I told them I would take the space.

With the space secured we began pricing the items at the house and ordering stock for the booth.


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