Phase 2 – Construction

Issue #65
Blog #5-2018
Section: Store Growth
Blogger: Joseph Clay


Tuesday November 27 rolled around, I was about back to feeling normal and not like a stuffed pig from all the Turkey and Dressing I had consumed since the Thursday before. The phone was ringing on the side table next to me, its was Robinsons Flea Market.

I hung up the phone after completing the conversation and I told my son, who is my partner in this adventure, that the booth had been vacated and we could go up and see what changes we wanted to make. Neither of us knew what they were talking about as everything looked good to us. Never the less we hopped in the car and took the ten minute drive to the Flea Market.

Once we got there I spotted the issues that the 10′ X 10′ space had. The problems were hard to see with it full of merchandise but empty they jumped out at you.

Day 1 LW

The studs were not on any kind of centers. The 8′ X 4′ peg board was only fastened at the bottom and top. They previous occupants had zip-tied the board at the joints  in several locations. This was the case on all three walls.

This may have worked for items that were lite but some of our merchandise was on the large side and had some weight to them. We quickly devised a plan of action and put it in to play. We only had 3 Days before opening day.

Day 1 RW

Day 1:

We remove all pegboard, measure and calculated how many studs needed to be moved and how many needed to be purchased. Once that was done we headed to my favorite store Home Depot and picked up the material that we would need for the next day.

Day 1 - End
End of Day 1

Day 2:

With the 1989 Toyota pick-up loaded down with building material we arrived at the Flea Market and began out task of moving and adding 2 X 4’s.

Day 2 RW

With the 2 X 4’s on center the pegboard would be securely fastened at the joints and this would also provide for a smoother looking wall.

Next we tackled to the bracing that ran from top of the left wall to the top of the right, It looked hideous as you can see in the photos and was not serving its purpose.

The last thing was to start adding some inventory.

When the day came to a close, all the pegboard wasn’t back in place and we were a sheet short. As for as the inventory went, we didn’t get as much stock in the booth as we had hoped,  but things we taking shape and looking better.

Day 2 End
End of Day 2

Day 3:

With opening day less that 24 hours away day three had to be the longest of the three. The full crew was on board to make sure it all that needed to be done got complete by the next morning.

The Queen began placing more inventory in the space, while my son and I hung the remaining pegboard. The bottom 1/8 of the back wall was left open for access to the power strip. We decided that we would fill that in at a later date; since the queen need some shelves up to place the stock on.

With the shelves up the crew finished stocking the space.

Day 3 RW
End of Day 3

Day 4: Grand Opening

With a few minor adjustments to inventory JT’s Place Booth J-69 was ready for customers.  Overall it was a success with brisk sales all day long.

Opening Day

Hope to see you soon at the store, you will never know what you will find!

JT’s Place.

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